Astanaenergosbyt, LLP

“ASTANAENERGOSBYT” Limited Liability Partnership  was registered by the Department of Justice of Astana city on September 30, 2004 ( 

The main kind of activity of the Partnership is rendering services of electricity and heat power supply to customers of Astana city.

The main supplier of energy resources for the company is at the moment “Astana-Energy” JSC (CHP-1 and CHP-2 in Astana city). 

Astana is the fastest growing city of the country. Electricity consumption in the city exceeds volumes of electricity, produced by two power plants. The deficit is filled at the expense of purchasing electricity from external suppliers. Electricity purchased by “ASTANAENRGOSBYT” LLP is delivered to customers via grids of transmitting companies – “Astana-Teplotransit” JSC, “GES” JSC, “Akmola EDC” JSC, “KEGOC” JSC.

The main strategic objectives of the Company are:

  • Increase of electricity and heat power sales market;
  • Improvement of quality of services rendered;
  • Decrease of accounts payable;
  • Studying and implementing the perspective innovative programs for improvement of quality of customer service. 

The Company is implementing a policy of constant increase of level of service to its customers, coming close to the global standards. “ASTANAENERGOSBYT” LLP is expanding the network of customer services points, to which each citizen of Astana may come for concluding an individual contract, for concerns of technical nature, for checking the bills for payment for energy resources consumed, for registration of water metering devices installed in apartments.