Anti-corruption hot line

Overriding priorities of “CAEPCO” JSC – is the protection of interests of consumers, shareholders, partners and employees of the Company from the threats, related with corruption; enhancement of transparency of the business.

Should you have known one of the following:

  • prepared or occurred facts of corruption, fraud and thievery;
  • violations upon conducting procurement procedures;
  • abuse of official position and excess of powers by the employees of the Company;
  • performing any other activities, which bear or could impact material adverse or incur any harm to the business reputation of “CAEPCO” JSC.

Please immediately inform our “HOT LINE” on the following email addresses:

Directions Email
Reception office of “CAEPCO” JSC
Economic Security Department
Internal Audit Department
Risk Management Department

All your appeals will be promptly delivered to the above listed Departments, subordinated to the Board of Directors of the Company and independent from the Management of the Company.

All messages/information could be sent after personal signature or anonymously. Management of “CAEPCO” JSC hereby guarantees that it will not initiate any activities for defining personality of the sender. The information, received from you will be thoroughly reviewed and inspected.

Helpline: +7 (7172) 64-57-73