Investment Program

One of key aspects of strategic development of “CAEPCO” JSC is increasing the efficiency of production, and in particular – by means of renewal of main assets. The Company ensures a continuous flow of investments into modernization of technological equipment of subsidiaries. The Company implements the investment program for the period of 2009–2021.



Sources for funding the investment program are:

  • Investment component of ceiling tariffs;
  • Foreign investments;
  • Own funds;
  • Credit resources.

Within frames of investment program it is stipulated to implement measures in three directions:

  • Measures, directed at increasing the generation;
  • Alleviation of environmental efficiency; and
  • Measures oriented towards energy saving.

Measures, aimed at increasing the power generation

Within frames of the investment program projects implementation is stipulated with the purpose of increasing the generation by means of reconstruction and expansion of available energy sources.

According to the measures plan at the objects of the Company it is stipulated to reconstruct 8 boiler units (7 finished), assemble 3 new boiler unit (finished) and replace 9 turbine units (finished). By 2019 it is planned to increase output of electricity and heat power more than by 38% and 1%. Installed electric capacity will grow to 1,218 MW and heating installed capacity will grow to 2,981 Gcal/h. The equipment at enterprises will be renewed by 64.5%. As a result of renovation of technical equipment the production efficiency will grow. Consumption for generating a gigacalorie will decrease by 6.5 kg of conditional fuel. 


Measures, aimed at alleviation of environmental efficiency

With the purpose of increasing the environmental efficiency within frames of investment program it is planned to expand the filling capacity of one ash pond and construction of two new ash ponds.

Reconstruction of ash precipitating devices (APD) is going on with installation of battery emulsifiers of second generation at all boilers of power plants of the Company. Those measures will allow increasing the degree of filtration of smoke gases. After assembling of battery emulsifiers at all boiler compounds the efficiency of filtration will amount to 99.7 %.


Measures, oriented towards heat power saving

With the purpose of decreasing the heat power losses reconstruction of heat supply system is being performed. Works on modernizing and replacing obsolete heating grids are going on.

At enterprises of “CAEPCO” JSC, transmitting the heat power automated regulators of heating release rate, industrial controllers and modems for connection of mechanisms and devices with dispatcher service are installed. All equipment of heating points is being included into the unified network, which allows dispatchers to operatively undertake control over hydraulic and temperature regimes, and the specialists to more quickly make decisions in emergency or failure situations.

For revealing sources of heat power losses devices of heating visualization examination are used, such as an ultrasound defect detector which is used for control and diagnostics of main heating pipelines. 

Within frames of implementing the investment program it is assumed, that by 2015 losses of heat power in transmission will decrease by 6.9%.