"Akmola Electricity Distribution Company" Joint Stock Company ("AEDC" JSC was established in 2001 on the basis of "Tselinenergo" DDES enterprises.

The Company transmits electricity through the regional distribution networks 110-35-0.4 kV in 14 administrative districts of Akmola region, as well as in Astana city.

The total service area amounts to 121 000 km2 and has a length of over 300 km of territory from North to South and 700 km from East to West. The total length of the networks controlled by "AEDC" JSC is 23 000 km. The annual electricity transmission of "AEDC" is more than 3 bln. kW/h while the maximum power load is about 600 MW.

"AEDC" JSC is part of the Unified Energy System of Kazakhstan. The majority of enterprises in Akmola region are connected to the networks of the Company. Akmola region is the industrial region of Kazakhstan, which localizes enterprises of different types of incorporation.

"AEDC" JSC consists of the management company, three inter-district electrical networks (IDEN) and 14 district electric networks (DEN).

Akmola IDEN:

  • Atbasar DEN
  • Arshaly DEN
  • Astrahan DEN
  • Egindicol DEN
  • Tselinograd DEN
  • Korgalzhyn DEN

Stepnogor IDEN:

  • Akkol DEN
  • Bulandy DEN
  • Ereimentau DEN
  • Shortandy DEN

Esyl IDEN:

  • Esyl DEN
  • Zhaksyn DEN
  • Zharkaiyn DEN
  • Sandyktau DEN

"AEDC" includes a subsidiary enterprise - "AEDC-Energosbyt" LLP, which procures electric energy for the purposes of supply to the consumers in Akmola region.

The objective of "AEDC" is to ensure sustainable development of the energy system of the Akmola region. "AEDC" JSC performs works aimed at improving the performance of businesses and the growth of the market value of the company's assets.

Since 2011 AEDC JSC develops and implements investment projects with a purpose of improvement of production processes. The Company performs reconstruction and modernization of distribution networks and energy equipment, as well as improvement of system of accounting of electricity transmission.