Corporate Governance

“CAEPCO” JSC follows high standards of corporate governance. Operations of the Company are based on balanced consideration of interests of all stakeholders, in particular – investors, shareholders, employees and officials of the Company.

Board of Directors of the Company defines strategic objectives and supports the necessary mechanisms of control over operations including current monitoring and assessment of Company’s performance results. The Board of Directors includes independent directors not being affiliated parties of the Company.  

With the purpose of improvement of business-processes and increasing the efficiency of decisions being made, the Company has set mechanisms of Internal Control. 

Internal Control of “CAEPCO” JSC is systematic, integrated into strategic and operational management at all levels, covering all units and employees when they perform their functions within frames of any business processes. 

Audit Committee functioning under the Board of Directors undertakes monitoring of decisions and processes being implemented for ensuring the credibility of financial reporting and for coordinating systems of internal control and of risk management. 

“CAEPCO” JSC adheres to the policy of informational openness and transparency of its operations. The Company has created an action plan of placing the information on Company’s activities in open informational sources. Thus shareholders may constantly follow the events taking place in the Company.