The mission is to improving the quality of life for consumers and creating conditions for the economic development of the regions where we operate by providing a high level of service in supplying electric power to  households and businesses.

The strategic goal is to build an effective private energy company, providing high-quality services to the public without interruptions and adhering to high environmental standards. This goal is achieved by pursuing the following priority areas.

To achieve its strategic goal, CAEPCO JSC focuses on the following areas

  • Targeted expansion of market with guaranteed distribution and low risks
  • Improving energy-efficient through improving technical capacity of production and updating major production facilities and infrastructure
  • Implement promising projects through developing innovation areas
  • Implement best standards of management through continuous employee training on new efficient technologies in manufacturing sector and enterprise management

To achieve its strategic goal, the Corporation is working to reach the following objectives

Reconstruction and modernization of power generation facilities through implementing investment programs, reduction of fault rates and elimination of downtimes

By the year 2020:

  • Installed electric power capacity will achieve 1,218 MW
  • Installed heat power capacity will achieve 2,981 Gcal/h
  • Renovated capacities will achieve 65% 

Reduction of overnormative losses in heat and electricity transmission

By the year 2020:

  • Increase of electricity generation by 16%
  • Electricity transmission losses to reduce down to 7.5%
  • Heat transmission losses to reduce down from 29% to 20% by 2020

Minimization of specific consumption for generation of one unit of heat and electricity

By the year 2020: 

  • Optimization of technological process of fuel consumption aimed to increase the plant efficiency rate depending from volume of cogeneration
  • Modernization of boiler equipment with implementation of tertiary draft regimes allowing to reduce NOX emissions
  • Development of feasibility study for implementation of desulphurization technologies at the plants

Implementation of energy saving and energy efficient technologies in generation and transmission of power

  • Reconstruction and modernization of turbine and boiler equipment
  • Implementation of modern technologies during construction of ash ponds
  • Reconstruction, modernization and technical re-equipping of electricity and heat networks
  • Installation of automated system of commercial accounting of electricity and heat
  • Modernization of communication system and system of dispatching management of electricity and central heating points of district heating system

Maintaining of actual certification in accordance with the requirements of international standards in the environment sphere, personnel health and safety and industrial safety

  • Enhancement of Company’s efficiency (ISO 9001 – Quality management system)
  • Reduction of incidents and accidents at the production, enhancement of labor safety level (OHSAS 18001 – Labor and industrial safety)
  • Increase of energy efficiency, implementation of “green” technologies (ISO 50001 – Energy management)
  • Reduction of losses, enhancement of environmental image (ISO 14001 – Environmental management)
  • Quality of analysis and testing results (ISO 17025 – Management of calibration and testing laboratories)

Resourcing enterprises with highly qualified and loyal personnel

  • Development of management and professional competence of the employees
  • Development of mentor institutions for transferring experience and quick adaption of new employees
  • Creating of internal and external personnel reserve
  • Development and maintaining of corporate channels of intra-communications
  • Social support of employees

Development strategy was created with taking into account the targets, set by the state program “Nurly zhol” for enhancing power utilities infrastructure of Unified power energy system. Corporate development strategy accounts the requirements, prescribed by development of modern power energy market and world-wide trends as development of alternative energy resources and energy efficiency and saving.