HR Policy and social Programs

Human Resources Policy of CAEPCO JSC represents an integral system of cooperation with employees to ensure and achieve strategic objectives of the Corporation. The Corporation augments the Human Resources Policy by way of involvement of professionals of various levels, retention of highly professional employees, continuous professional training and staff development, provision of opportunities for professional advancement of proactive young employees, creation of employee pool, and talent management.

HR policy

The Company undertakes a significant work of strengthening the HR policy, which is aimed at enhancement of cadre recruitment, increase of professional level of employees and development of opportunities for professional growth of proactive employees. 

HR policy of the Company is based on the following principles. 

  1. Openness and transparency of the process of filling in the vacancies on a competitive basis;
  2. Value of professional competence, a great attention is paid to professional training of the employee; 
  3. Orientation towards development – including personal, professional and educational ones; 
  4. Social responsibility of the business. 

Personnel training and development 

A significant attention is paid to the issue of professional development of managers, specialists and workers. Main tasks of the system of corporate training of “CAEPCO” JSC are the following: 

  • Specialized training, re-training and professional development of employees of the Company; 
  • Development of important professional and personal qualities of employees of the Company; 
  • Organizing the cooperation with educational institutions regarding training, re-training and professional development of personnel of the Company; 
  • Organizing and planning internships for employees of the Company; 

For increasing the educational level of personnel of the Company the practice of paying for study leaves in amount of 100% of average wage and compensating both ways transportation expenses if the educational academic institution is outside of regional centers is in place. Employees of the Company also have an opportunity to obtain a zero-interest loan for tuition payment. 


Enterprises of the Company are active in forming the cadre reserve. When selecting the candidates the following factors are taken into account: level of professional and general educational training of candidates, organizing and analytical abilities, responsibility for results of work, being goal-oriented. 

With the purpose of forming the cadre reserve being able to resolve complex industrial and managerial tasks, the Company implements a number of social programs, aimed at forming the long-term partner relations with the working team of enterprises. 

Social Policy

Social policy of CAEPCO, JSC stipulates the program of measures to ensure protection of health of employees, labor protection and safety at enterprises, to develop the personnel professionally and to form the corporate culture.


Annually the employer is funding medical examinations of employees. Operational personnel undergoes an everyday mandatory pre-shift and post-shift medical examination. At each enterprise of the Company there are well-equipped medical rooms in which professional medical workers provide their services, such as physiotherapy, electric therapy, phototherapy, laser therapy, massage. Upon necessity attendance of narrow specialized physicians is organized.


Safety technique

Enterprises of the Company have an everyday inspection of working stations by the inspector of safety technique and the operational inspector, with a purpose of reveling technological violations, threatening the health of employees. Safety technique days are held every month. Employees of the Company are provided with special uniform, special footwear, means of individual protection, milk or any other equally valuable food product.


Organizing children‘s leisure

In summer recreation is being organized for children of employees. Employees of ‘SEVKAZENERGO” JSC are compensated 20% of the price of trip vouchers to summer camps for their children. In “PAVLODARENERGO” JSC at the base of “Energetic” resort a children recreation camp “Electronic” is functioning.    


Material assistance

With the purpose of social support for employees with large families or families of employees raising disabled children a material assistance is allocated. Single-time payments are made for  occasions of childbirth and of death of immediate family members.


Professional development

Management of enterprises pays a great attention to the issue of professional development of managers, of specialists and of workers. In order to increase the educational level of personnel of the Company there is a motivation system in place, which provides compensation for study leaves in amount of 100% of average salary and compensation of both ways trip, if the academic institution is outside of regional centers. Besides that the employees have an opportunity to get a no-interest loan for payment for their education.  


Corporate publications

With the purpose of creating a corporate culture and sustaining the image of profession, as well as informing people on the news of enterprises and in the industry as a whole “SEVKAZENERGO” JSC publishes a “Energy Specialist of North Kazakhstan” newspaper, and “PAVLODARENERGO” JSC – “Energetic” newspaper. 



On this page open vacancies of CAEPCO, JSC are advertised. If there are no open vacancies at the moment, you may send your CV with a purpose of inclusion of your candidacy to the vacancies bank of the Company. In your letter please indicate the title of current or potential vacancy.

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