“PAVLODARENERGO” Joint-Stock Company ( is a vertically integrated company, including all elements of energy supply in Pavlodar region (generation, transmission and sales of energy resources). The Company was founded and is operating since 2000. On November 15, 2000 “Northern heating networks” LLP was registered, which on June 25, 2002 was reorganized as “PAVLODARENERGO” JSC. 

“PAVLODARENERGO” JSC unites the following enterprises:

  • Pavlodar CHP-2;
  • Pavlodar CHP-3;
  • Ekibastuz CHP;
  • “Pavlodarskiye teplovyie seti” LLP (heating networks of Pavlodar and Ekibastuz cities);
  • “Pavlodar Regional  Electric Distribution Company” JSC;
  • “Pavlodarenergosbyt” LLP.

Total installed electric capacity of power plants is 662 MWt, the installed capacity of heat power is 2240 Gcal/h. Main raw material used in the industry is coal of Ekibastuz basin.
“PAVLODARENERGO” JSC supplies electricity for the territory of Pavlodar region with a gross area of 105.9 thousand square kilometers with a population of 747.1 000.

Electricity, generated by “PAVLODARENERGO” JSC is supplied to markets Akmola and Pavlodar regions of Kazakhstan. Length of power supply lines of the Company is approximately 15 934 km. The total length of heating networks is more than 760,9 km.

The Company is actively implementing principles of corporate governance, optimizing business processes and improving the practice in accordance with international standards in fields of manufacturing, health protection and social sphere.