Occupational Health and Safety

Occupational health and safety is one of priority values of CAEPCO JSC and considered as an integral part of the Corporation's business system.

Preservation of health and life of employees, creation of safe working conditions, injury prevention, improvement of production and sanitary working conditions of employees, minimization of harmful and adverse factors, mitigation of specific industry risks and hazards at workplaces are main focal points of the Occupational Health and Safety Policy of the Corporation and its subsidiaries.

CEOs of the all subsidiaries of "Central Asian Electric Power Corporation" JSC, all departments heads and heads of Occupational health and safety (OHS) units completed the course, successfully passed the exams and obtained the International Certificates of Safe Work Organization — IOSH.

Политика АО «ЦАЭК» в области безопасности и охраны труда

Occupational health and safety plan

Информация о реализуемых в рамках Плана по безопасности и охране труда проектах и программах

Динамика показателей травматизма

Institution of Occupational Safety and Health — IOSH

IOSH certificates

IOSH certificates