About Corporation

Central Asian Electric Power Corporation, Joint-Stock Company (CAEPCO, JSC, Company) is a vertically integrated energy company, founded on August 8, 2008. 

Total installed electricity capacity of CAEPCO JSC amounts to 1,218 MW — by this parameter the Corporation is a leader among private electricity generating companies of Kazakhstan. Total installed heating capacity of the corporation is 2,981 Gcal/h. Total length of electricity transmission lines is more than 50.5 km, length of heating networks is 989.9 km. The Company provides electricity to more than two million people.

Subsidiaries of CAEPCO, JSC in regions of Kazakhstan are represented by two vertically integrated energy companies — ,SEVKAZENERGO, JSC and PAVLODARENERGO, JSC, both of which include all energy supply elements — generation, transmission and sales. In Astana city the Company controls a sales structure — ASTANAENERGOSBYT, LLP,  in Akmola region — AEDC, JSC.

The composition of shareholders of CAEPCO, JSC includes Central Asian Power-Energy Company, JSC and international development institutions: European Bank for Reconstruction and Development and Islamic Infrastructure Fund.

«ОАЭК» АҚ акционерлік капиталының құрылымы (11.10.2018 жыл):

  • «Орталық-Азия отын-энергетикалық компаниясы» АҚ – 66,98%;
  • Еуропа Қайта құру және Даму Банкі – 17,60%;
  • Kaz Holdings Cooperatief U.A. – 8,17%;
  • «Бәйтерек» ҰБХ» АҚ қорлары:
  • KIF ENERGY S.A.R.L. – 4,35%;
  • «Baiterek Venture Fund» АҚ – 1,45%;
  • CKIF ENERGY S.A.R.L. –1,45%.