Occupational Health and Safety

Occupational health and safety is one of priority values of CAEPCO JSC and considered as an integral part of the Corporation's business system.

Preservation of health and life of employees, creation of safe working conditions, injury prevention, improvement of production and sanitary working conditions of employees, minimization of harmful and adverse factors, mitigation of specific industry risks and hazards at workplaces are main focal points of the Occupational Health and Safety Policy of the Corporation and its subsidiaries.

CEOs of the all subsidiaries of "Central Asian Electric Power Corporation" JSC, all departments heads and heads of Occupational health and safety (OHS) units completed the course, successfully passed the exams and obtained the International Certificates of Safe Work Organization — IOSH.

Occupational health and safety programs

Since the beginning of 2017, the Group of Companies is implementing various occupational health and safety programs (hereinafter OHS) aimed at prevention of potential injuries and bringing the workplaces in line with OHS requirements. Currently, such programs as "OHS Signal Sheet" and "Workplace Conditioning" are implemented in Subsidiaries of CAEPCO, JSC.

A basic principle of a signal sheet is a reveal and report of a safe/unsafe behavior, hazards by an employee, contractor or visitor, or an advancement of proposal on OHS status improvement. Cases for signal sheets are displayed in prominent locations in each production department of Subsidiaries; signal sheets are available in paper form. Analysis of observations under the OHS Signal Sheet Program (statistics on filled-in and processed signal sheets, observation results) will be reflected in this section on an annual basis.

Since 2017, the Group of Companies of CAEPCO, JSC is implementing the Workplace Conditioning Program. The Program is oriented on bringing workplaces to an optimal condition to ensure effective execution of work within a prescribed period on a basis of full utilization of working hours and equipment, application of rational working methods, and creation of comfortable and safe working conditions.

To implement the workplace conditioning process in each production department (shop, site, area) Subsidiaries created working groups. Objective of such working groups is examination of all workplaces and identification of workplaces that are inconsistent with standards and OHS requirements applicable in the Republic of Kazakhstan. Reports on the по Workplace Conditioning Program (number of workplaces examined, number of workplaces brought into compliance etc.) will be published in this section on an annual basis.

Occupational health and safety plan

In April of 2016 CAEPCO, JSC approved the Occupational Health and Safety Action Plan (hereinafter OHS) for 2016–2017. The following actions were included into the Plan:

  1. Development and maintaining of the OHS Policy single for the Group of Companies;
  2. Unification of OHS-related procedures;
  3. Effective methods of OHS promotion and maintaining of safe work culture;
  4. Raising awareness among employees;
  5. Provision of employees with effective personal protective equipment;
  6. Employee incentive;
  7. Provision of employees with electrician and bench-work tools of a relevant quality;
  8. Introduction of equipment lock out and tag out procedures (or LOTO procedures);
  9. Health protection;
  10. Workplace conditioning;
  11. Introduction of OHS information sharing procedure – signal sheets;
  12. Introduction of mutual audit procedure.

As of today, a main part of planned actions have been implemented in CAEPCO, JSC. One may familiarize itself with a summary description of implemented actions of the Plan in Annual Reports that are published annually on the Company's website in section "Occupational Health and Safety".

The OHS Action Plan is oriented first of all on accident prevention and unification of OHS-related procedures. The best practices of foreign and domestic companies that have a positive result are described in the Plan.

Such Plan was adopted in the Company for the first time. It will be prepared and approved on an annual basis in future. Implementation of actions of the Plan is controlled and reported to management of CAEPCO, JSC's and its subsidiaries.

Institution of Occupational Safety and Health — IOSH

IOSH certificates

IOSH certificates