Almaty   January 20, 2014

In 2013 enterprises, united into «Central – Asian Electric Power Corporation» JSC supplied kWt/h 6 137,4 mln. of electric energy. Supply from power station bus bars amounted to kWt/h 5 253,5 mln., supply of heat energy amounted to Gcal 6 131,7 thousand. Growth of electric energy supply compared to 2012 amounted to 10,1% provided that net supply of electric energy from bus bars increased by 12,3%.

Increase of production potential and growth of production volumes in 2013 were possible in consequence of successful implementation of projects within the frames of large scaled investment program aimed for reconstruction, renovation and modernization of production assets of «Central – Asian Electric Power Corporation» JSC adopted for the period of 2009 – 2018. The budget of the investment program amounts to a more than USD 1 bln. Overall volume of investments in 2013 amounted to KZT 24,0 bln.

Within the frames of mentioned program «SEVKAZENERGO» JSC in December 2013 commissioned at Petropavlovsk CHP-2 new turbine unit st. № 4, with a capacity of MW 63. As the consequence of mentioned above, additional generation of electric energy in the volume of kWt/h 388,8 per year was ensured. Overall volume of investments amounted to a more than KZT 6,1 bln. Implementation of the project allowed to enhance reliability and quality of provision consumers by electric and heat energy, sufficiently reduce specific fuel consumption per unit of supplied energy and harmful emissions to the environment.

In 2013 project for construction new ashpond № 2 at Petropavlovsk CHP-2 was completed. That will assure reliable transmission and storing plant ash and slags without harming environment for future 20 years. Overall volume of investments amounted to a more than KZT 3,3 bln.

«PAVLODARENERGO» JSC in 2013 fully implemented reconstruction of ash collectors at all boiler units of Pavlodar CHP-2, CHP-3 and Ekibastuz CHP. In consequence of that level of flue gases purification from ash was increased from 97% up to 99,5% and annual emissions of ash compared to 2008 (beginning of reconstruction) was reduced by 5 times. At Pavlodar CHP-3 works from assembling turbine unit st. № 2 with a capacity of MW 75 were launched.

In 2013 achievements of «CAEPCO» JSC were emphasized at a state level. «SEVKAZENERGO» JSC was recognized as gold prize recipient «Paryz – 2013» in the nomination «For contribution to the environment». It is appropriate consequence of works conducted by the company for reduction harmful emissions and utilization of production wastes, and also activities for protection of land resources and land scape gardening.

The Corporation in 2014 intends to continue implementation of investment program with overall volume of investments of KZT 26,8 bln. In 2014 Company plans to increase growth of electric energy by 4,3% and heat energy by 11,2%.

«PAVLODARENERGO» JSC plans to continue works for assembling new turbine unit st. № 2, also large scaled reconstruction of turbine unit st. № 5 at CHP-2 with a capacity MW 120 is planned. Construction of ashpond second stage of Pavlodar CHP-3 and CHP-2 will be continued and the new construction of ashpond of Ekibastuz CHP and cooling tower № 5 at Pavlodar CHP-3 will be launched.

«SEVKAZENERGO» JSC in 2014 is planning to commission new boiler unit № 8, which will allow to increase generation of steam by 270 tons per hour, and enhance reliability and efficiency of CHP operations. 

Joint-stock company «Central – Asian Electric Power Corporation» – vertically integrated energy company. Subsidiary organizations in the Kazakhstan regions are represented by «SEVKAZENERGO» JSC and «PAVLODARENERGO» JSC, including all links of energy supply: generation, transmission and sales. In Astana city, «CAEPCO» JSC controls sales company – «ASTANAENERGOSBYT» LLP. Installed capacity of «CAEPCO» JSC as of January 01, 2014 for electric energy amounts to MW 1 061, for heat energy Gcal/h 2 895. Overall length of electricity transmission lines – more than 30 thousands km., length of heating networks – 985 km. Company provides electric and heat energy to a more than 2 mln. people.

Should you require any additional information, please address to the following contacts:
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Nurbolat Amanzholov
PR Department «CAEPCO» JSC
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